Now on Spoolish – Office Makeover

Today I’m sharing my new office space > Office Makeover – Giving a Room a New Lease on Life.


workspace13.jpg (2896×1944)


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Kind Exchange – Sale + Giveaway


A few months ago, while doing some shopping in Downtown Toronto, my friend Christine and I stumbled upon a store called The Kind Exchange. (Kind of a funny story… Christine felt like her pants were going to fall off so we were desperately searching for an affordable belt. Long story short, we found the Kind Exchange and it was love at first buy.)

The Kind Exchange is not your mother’s thrift store. First off, it looks nothing like a thrift store. The four Downtown locations look like hip boutiques. Everything is beautifully displayed and easy to find. When I went in, I expected to find high-end consignment prices but was pleased to find that the pricing was very reasonable. 


Another great thing about The Kind Exchange (KX) is that you get another dimension to the thrift shopping experience. Not only can you donate unwanted items, you can also sell your items for cash or trade your trendy clothing! As a shopping addict, I couldn’t ask for a better set-up. I often feel a buyers remorse when I go on shopping sprees because I spend money I shouldn’t and continuously stuff my overflowing closet. Being able to sell a few items helps offset the cost of new clothes and clears my closet of unwanted clothing. When you donate items, a portion of proceeds from every sale go to the Canadian Cancer Society.


 This weekend they’re having a HUGE sale!

I’m going to be there bright and early Friday morning to snag a few items at 70% off! They’re also doing a bag sale at both Queen St. locations. You can fill a bag with certain items for $20!

If you’re heading down, be sure to bring your unwanted fashionable Spring items to sell for cash! Hope to see you there : )


The Kind Exchange has been kind enough to give Spoolish readers a chance to win a $25 giftcard to any of their four Toronto locations!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Kind Exchange locations:
611 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2B7
379 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A4
2376 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4P 2E6
533 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1Y5
…with more on the way!

Side note: I’ve been doing some research and did you know that ‘approx. 12 tonnes of textiles are dumped into landfills in North America every year and that 90% of it is completely recyclable?’ Source:

This is why I hope more and more people open up to the idea of recycling clothing through donating and buying used. Shift to thrift ;).

xo Martyna

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Thrift Style Thursday – Mix & Match

Hi WordPress followers! Wanted to check in here and share my lastest Thrift Style Thursday post. Be sure to follow me at for all the latest posts! I also have a giveaway going on for all my fellow thrifters in the Greater Toronto Area.


Happy Thrift Style Thursday all!

I was especially excited about this weeks theme – patterns! I thought this would be a great opportunity to put a few items together that I normally wouldn’t dare to ‘mix’. When it comes to pattern mixing, I’m a noob, but the longer I have this blog and read others’ blogs I realize that mixing anything is okay. Fashion is expression and is highly subjective so, you know what, just for it.

Today I mixed a monochrome floral skirt with a beige and black top with a…bean pattern? They look like beans to me anyway…


The shirt was a recent Goodwill purchase for $3 and the skirt was a Target Canada find from Christmas time for $5. Bag is Kate Spade from Kate Spade Outlet $39. Belt and shoes borrowed from my mom’s closet 😉

patterns1 patterns3


In other news, I finally decided to turn my home’s ‘tv room’ into an office/studio/lounge area. Here is a sneak peek at my desk corner…


Don’t forget to check out the other thriftstylers!

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P.S Stay tuned, I’ll be doing another post very shortly (aka in like an hour) about a thrift store I recently discovered + a special giveaway for my local readers.

xo Martyna

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Happy New Year WordPress followers!


Happy New Year to all my WordPress followers. I have moved to a self-hosted site at and would love for you to continue following me through your WordPress reader. You can do so easily by adding to your list here. I miss all of you and hope to see you there! Happy 2014!

– Martyna

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Spoolish has a new home

Hey WordPress friends!

Just another reminder that I’ve moved to a self-hosted site at I know following an external blog can be a bit of a pain in the @%$% sometimes but WordPress makes it easier. You can still see future posts in your reader by adding Spoolish to our list here > Add Spoolish.

Hope I can still count you as a follower 🙂

Thanks to those who’ve already made the switch and are following the new blog xoxo

P.S. I really miss a lot of you guys so it would be lovely if you followed! 🙂

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Thrift Haul on

I have a new post @ Just wanted to reach out on here one last time to remind everyone that I’ve moved to a new self-hosted site!

You can continue to see Spoolish in your WordPress Reader by going to this link:!/read/edit/ .

Hope you’ll still follow along:)

xoxo Martyna

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Follow Spoolish on Your WordPress Reader

This might be old news but I just realized that there’s a way for users to continue to see future posts in their WordPress reader!!

If you want to continue to see future posts by you just have to enter the URL into!/read/edit/ !

You will get an RSS feed for all future posts.

I hope you’ll stay in touch.

xoxo Martyna

P.S. You can enter any URL when you click on the link, that means you can have all your favourite blogs (WordPress or not) all in one place!


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Spoolish is Moving!!!

Spoolish is moving to I know what you’re thinking,

‘Wait, wasn’t it before?!?’

Well…yes and no.

I was using and domain mapping to Anyway, you will no longer be able to follow me in your WordPress Reader : (  I would hate to lose you! So please follow via Bloglovin, email, Facebook or however you can! I feel so out of touch on the new page so please let me know you’re reading by commenting! I will figure out this whole ‘Jetpack’ thing and see if I can find a better way to keep you all updated.

Thank you for the continued support.

Here is today’s post:

I will continue to include links to posts for the next couple of days, hopefully giving enough notice for all of you to switch over.

Thanks for the love,


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#ThriftStyleThursday – Scarves

Due to poor time management, this #ThriftStyleThursday lacks it’s usual effort. My grandparents are visiting from Poland and I’m going on a fishing trip with my grandfather today. I took these photos on my phone late last night because I forgot what day of the week it was 😦 So I apologize, I hope you can all forgive me. This weeks theme was scarves and I had an exciting post planned but alas, phone pics it is. I will probably write scarf themed posts in the future because let’s face it, they’re an awesome and sometimes necessary accessory. Try and say ‘Necessary Accessory’ three times fast…


Please forgive the lack of makeup…and unnatural lighting. These are six of my favorite scarves, some are thrifted while others were gifts from Europe. Lately, I really like infinity scarves because they just sit so nicely. I’m thinking of making my own infinity scarf with scraps of fabric. What kind of scarves do you look for in the Fall?

Check out all the other #ThriftStyleThursday participants.




Wish me luck out on the lake today, hopefully my grandpa and I catch some big pike!

xoxo, Martyna

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Goodwill Challenge #1 – Fall Outfit for Under $20

Earlier this month I teamed up with Goodwill TECNO to bring you the #ThriftedOutfit Contest. I set out to find my own Fall thrifted outfit to hopefully inspire all of you : )

I made this trip two weeks ago, and it’s taken me so long to post because I was hoping to post a video along with it. Unfortunately, I can’t get the video working so hopefully you can get the general idea of the visit from the photos : )

The Trip

The Location: Battleford Goodwill (Mississauga)

The Deal: 50% off 6 or more clothing items, plus 50% off all accessories, bags and shoes

Partner in Crime: Christine, my good friend and fellow thrifter


Tweeted a few photos…


This is what the change room looked like, five times over. We had about fifty items between the two of us.


I tried on a few shirts that I didn’t end up buying. I regret not getting the sweater on the right, it was Tommy Hilfiger and fit really well.


Put together an outfit right in the Goodwill store.


More shameless selfies. I ended up buying both these shirts.


A coach purse that would have only cost $10! I was tempted, but it just wasn’t my style.


Christine’s reciept for her seven items….not bad!

Our Goodwill Hauls


Our Fall Goodwill Outfits


Total cost of outfit was $12. The only thing I didn’t purchase this day was the denim vest (also a Goodwill find).


Christine’s thrifted outfit: Sailor shirt and khakis, total $8. Not bad for a newbie 😉

Overall, a very successful trip. We spent about an hour and a half in the store and we both spent less than $25! It was a nice change of pace shopping with someone else. Going alone is just not as fun…

Have you had any amazing thrift hauls lately? Let me know.

Don’t forget to enter the Goodwill TECNO #ThriftedOutfit contest! All you have to do is share a photo of yourself in a thrifted outfit!

xoxo Martyna

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